How to Handle the Aftermath of a Car Accident in Smyrna

Car accidents, generally speaking, are one of the most traumatic experiences that one can go through. A car accident in Smyrna is no different. According to the Insurance Information Institute for Highway Safety, there were 1,377 fatal accidents in Georgia during 2019 resulting in 1,491 deaths.

What You Need to be Mindful of After a Car Accident in Smyrna

While there may be different reasons for these misfortunes, one needs to know their next step after meeting a car accident in Georgia. Some of the essential elements to be mindful of are as follows:

Stay at the Place of Accident

While many of us think driving away from the place of an accident is the most intelligent way, it is not. In fact, leaving a site prematurely; opens you up to the possibility of getting accused of a run offense or a felony hit.

Don’t Apologize at the Moment

Sometimes apologizing is not a good idea, especially when your own life is at stake. The same is the case with a car accident in Georgia. This is of no surprise that your mere ‘sorry’ could be used against you, holding you responsible for the accident when you were actually the victim. Hence, the ideal solution is to stay quiet when there is no clear distinction between the offender and the victim.

Preserve the Area Before the Police Arrives

After you have met with a car accident, another essential thing for you is to protect the area to prevent more accidents. It can be done by controlling the crowd, turning on the hazard lights, etc. You must further ensure that the vehicles at the time of the accident stay at the scene until the cops arrive.

Inform the Police

Informing the cops on time is the most crucial aspect of dealing with the aftermath of car accidents. However, the necessity of calling the police should be determined by the intensity and severity of the accident. If there are no significant injuries involved, one must avoid calling the cops at the scene and report to the police at their nearby local police station.

Provide Information to Cops based on Facts

Whether police arrive at the accident scene or you go to the station, police will inquire about the entire accident and demand factual information. Thus, when you talk to the cops, you must remember all bits and pieces of vital information. Additionally, if you doubt something, avoid talking about it with the police. The police may also interrogate the injuries caused by the accident.

But since many times, a wound is internal, pain is not felt until days have passed. That is why it is essential for a victim that if the police investigate whether you have been injured or not, tell them that you do not know instead of telling them that you have not been injured at all.

Knowing Each Other’s Contact Details

Whether you are the offender or the victim, you must exchange your contact details with the other party. However, if you are the culprit, you must also take the affected parties’ insurance details and the vehicle registration number to assist them in the future.

Using Photogenic Evidence

These days, photographs hold the utmost significance in solid evidence. And since each one of us today has smartphones, taking a picture of whatever seems essential at the accident scene becomes our understood obligation. Some necessary photos that may be of great importance are photos of the damaged area of your vehicle and any other vehicle if involved and the wounds (if visible).

Medical Assistance

Medical assistance is another mandatory step, even if you have not suffered any injury. The ambulance must be called right away when the accident happens if the accident is enormous. Otherwise, if you think an ambulance is not required, you must visit the nearby hospital yourself.

Visiting the doctor, in any case, is essential as they may clarify whether there are any other hidden injuries or whether the damage is prolonged or not.

Contact the Respective Insurance Company

You need to contact your insurance company right after you fulfill other obligations. Informing them as soon as possible is essential to seek your rightful compensation timely. As insurance companies may refuse your claim if the information passed to them is delayed, or perhaps there is insufficient proof (e.g., no sign of injury if it has been healed), informing them on time becomes crucial.

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Whether you sustain a physical injury or not and whether the wounds are visible or not, the menacing exposure to death leaves a person in awe for an extensive time. To handle the aftermath of a car accident in Smyrna, one should always contact a reliable attorney such as Jamie Ballard. We have profound knowledge about the legal aspects, ensuring complete protection of your rights with an easy-going procedure.

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