The Crucial Role of an Accident Reconstruction Expert in an Atlanta Car Crash Case

Accident reconstruction plays a significant part in an investigation into fault. No one plans to be involved in an accident or sustain severe injuries, yet car accidents happen frequently. However, when an accident happens, it is essential for anyone injured by a reckless driver to make plans to seek compensation. A car accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA, can help you commence the claims process.

Generally, if you have sustained an injury in an accident, you need to prove liability to be eligible for and to receive maximum compensation. One of the many types of evidence that you need to prove liability in a car crash is the statement of an accident reconstruction expert.

So, depending on the case’s nature, it may be necessary for your attorney to hire an accident reconstruction expert to prove that the crash happened the way you said it did. Auto accident attorneys work with accident reconstruction experts to put the pieces together after an accident.

What Is Accident Reconstruction?

An accident reconstruction is a process where an accident reconstruction expert determines why and how an accident happened. They accomplished this by correctly interpreting all the clues left by the physical evidence of the crash. Then, they move on to reconstructing and studying the sequence of the events that happened before, during, and after the accident.

Therefore, accident reconstruction experts study and document all evidence at the scene to draw valid conclusions about the cause of the accident and how it happened. In addition, accident reconstruction can reveal a list of contributing factors that led to the crash.

They include:

  • Visibility issues
  • Running red lights and stop signs
  • Loss of control due to a vehicle defect or failure of vehicle parts
  • Speeding
  • Distraction
  • Errors in switching lanes or turning
  • Bad road conditions

A Car Accident Lawyer in Atlanta, GA, Explains Who an Accident Reconstruction Expert Is

An accident reconstruction expert is a professional who specializes in reconstructing or recreating accident scenarios. These experts have the experience, skills, and training needed to get all the necessary evidence to determine what happened in an accident. In addition, these people have specialized tools to gather information regarding the vehicles involved in the crash.

They can also assess all the contributing factors, including roadway issues, distraction, mechanical problems, human factors, and speed. An accident reconstruction expert can clearly depict the order of events that led to the crash.

These specialists sometimes rely on forensic mapping, 3-D animation, crash simulations, and other tools to analyze the speed at which the crash must have happened. They also determine if the drivers involved were wearing seatbelts and if any pedestrian was standing at the time of the crash.

In summary, they provide clear and valid evidence that can help and support a victim’s case. In addition, if an accident case proceeds to discovery, the testimony of an accident reconstruction expert is valuable and is also needed during the trial.

What Is the Role of an Accident Reconstruction Expert?

Car accidents can be messy most times. So to determine the sequence of events that led to the accident, an accident reconstruction expert is needed. The expert’s job is to discover all the probable reasons for the auto crash.

They can assist your lawyer at every step, from providing additional information about the case to testifying in court. But they do more than this. The following are the other roles of an accident reconstructionist:

They Preserve Evidence From Vehicles and Accident Scenes 

Due to their years of experience, accident reconstruction experts can think ahead to the questions that will get asked in court. As such, they will document all involved vehicles and the scene. Also, they will collect all the evidence needed for the analysis to form their professional opinion.

The experts will gather information about the surrounding where the crash occurred, such as the alignment, maintenance, lighting, roadway geometry, and traffic control. Some evidence from the accident scene includes tire marks, scratches, debris, and fluid stains.

In addition, involved vehicles are also sources of evidence. Any physical damage to the vehicles involved will be compared, and conclusions will be drawn on how the vehicles crashed or if they had any contact. Electronic evidence can also be collected from the vehicles and analyzed for any information.

They Provide Testimonies During Trial

An accident reconstructionist is considered an expert witness based on experience and training, and the court places significant value on their testimony. The testimony they provide can assist the jury and judge and even shed light on the technical aspects of the accidents. In addition, the expert’s testimony allows all parties involved in the accident to understand the factors that led to the crash and make an accurate conclusion of the evidence.

They Look At and Analyze Human Factors

Most times, drivers are the leading contributors to car accidents. However, analyzing how the driver interacted with their surroundings and controlled their vehicle before the accident can also assist in determining faults.

Therefore, the role of an accident reconstruction expert is to consider how the driver’s inputs, such as steering, speed, or braking, contributed to the crash. They will also analyze the visibility at the scene of the crash and use response time to determine if a driver could have avoided the collision.

They Analyze and Reconstruct an Accident

Once the accident reconstruction analyst has gathered all the evidence after a crash, the expert now reconstructs the accident and calculates the angle of approach of the vehicles involved and the vehicle speeds before the crash. This analysis is backed by studying real-world vehicle crashes and crash tests.

A Car Accident Lawyer in Atlanta, GA, Can Help You!

If you have lost anyone or been seriously injured from a car collision, it is vital to have strong evidence available to help you pursue legal claims. The role of an accident reconstruction expert may be necessary for asserting your rights. Therefore, we will hire one for your case.

However, we understand that you might want to focus on recovering and would not want to commence legal action after a crash. But we recommend that you do not sleep on your rights. Our team at Jamie Ballard Law is skilled in personal injury cases, and we will carry the burden of getting all evidence and advocating for your legal rights.

Do you have questions regarding filing a car accident lawsuit or using an accident reconstruction expert? Our experienced Atlanta, GA, personal injury attorney can speak with you and explain the process. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.