Car Accidents: Getting a Lawyer for My Auto Accident

Every day in the United States, car accidents occur. You never know what might happen while driving on Georgia highways. The majority of car accidents on our roads are preventable, and the negligence of other road users almost often causes road accidents.

A driver may crash into your car from behind, or a drunk driver may speed up and collide with your vehicle. It’s also possible that you’ll be traveling home from work when you collide with a pickup truck. If you or a loved one have been in an auto accident, it is better to hire a lawyer.

It is entirely up to you whether or not to hire a car accident lawyer. However, if you decide to employ an attorney for your vehicle accident lawsuit, you should do so as soon as possible. Hiring a Smyrna car accident lawyer is usually a good option if you or someone else in your automobile has been injured.

Why Should I Contact a Smryna Car Accident Lawyer?

Nobody anticipates a car accident and the impact it might have on their life. It can be frightening, painful, expensive, and inconvenient. However, it also brings thoughts you may not have considered, such as whether you need a lawyer after a vehicle accident or whether you can handle things on your own.

Some of the reasons you should consider contacting an auto accident lawyer are:

  • Collecting Evidence

The evidence begins to fade or get missing after an accident. These include surveillance camera footage or roadway evidence such as skid marks, automobile accident debris (such as broken-off bits of headlights), and wheel gouges on the roadside.

An accident reconstruction specialist can then use roadside evidence to prove how the car collision happened. A lawyer can help you obtain this evidence or the police report containing the evidence list. However, the longer you wait to hire a lawyer, the more difficult it will be to collect the evidence needed to create a compelling case.

  • Witness Testimony

Witnesses’ memory can lessen, and memories fade. This is why witnesses are sometimes required to come forward and report what they observed immediately after an automobile collision. The witness may recall the injured individual in pain or how the accident happened.

However, witnesses may forget what happened over time and become less eager to tell what they observed. They may be apprehensive about speaking with lawyers or being summoned to testify in court.

If a witness’ testimony is crucial, a car accident lawyer or investigator will contact them to get their version of events before their memory (or motivation) fades. Usually, the witness gives recorded statements, which they can use to refresh their memory if it wilts.

  • Treatment and Damages Compensation

You may have considerable medical expenditures, missed wages, and other fees if you were injured or your property was damaged in a car accident. Unfortunately, the losses from an auto accident are not often evident in the days and weeks following the collision.

A skilled personal injury lawyer can assist a victim in better estimating future expenses and including them in their claim. Whiplash, for example, wounds sometimes appear to be a minor injury but turn into a more serious problem that necessitates ongoing medical expenses.

If you wait too long to contact an auto accident lawyer about your case, you may lose out on the funds you need to pay for medical bills or automobile repairs or replacements. A solid case requires sufficient time-sensitive proof, and you may be unable to secure acceptable compensation if you do not contact an attorney. It is well known that victims of car accidents who have legal representation receive much larger settlements than those who do not.

  • To Avoid a Legal Blunder

A legal misstep will have an impact on your compensation. Most vehicle accident claims are settled outside of court, so some believe that dealing with an insurance claim is merely a negotiation procedure in which the law plays no role.

This is inaccurate, and a lack of knowledge about the applicable laws may affect your compensation amount. A successful claim requires a thorough understanding of the law; therefore, get a Smyrna car accident lawyer who is an expert in personal injury law.

Smyrna car accident lawyer concept driver on phone after crash

When Should You Consult a Smyrna Car Accident Lawyer?

Not everyone who suffered injuries in a car accident will require legal assistance. If your accident was severe or complicated, however, contact a lawyer as soon as possible so that they can begin working on your case.

If any of the following apply to your case, contact an attorney as quickly as possible:

  • Any accident in which you or someone else sustains a severe injury
  • Any collision involving another motorist, such as a pedestrian, other automobiles, a truck, or a cyclist, in which fault is not established
  • Any accident that occurs in a construction or work zone
  • Any collision that happens in a school zone
  • If you disagree with the police report
  • Any accident involving a driver who is underinsured or uninsured at any time
  • When insurance firms provide contradictory messages or provide ambiguous responses to liability issues

Small fender-benders don’t always necessitate the services of an attorney, but in some cases, a lawyer’s services might be invaluable following a minor collision.

Statute of Limitations in Georgia

For car accidents in Georgia, the Statute of Limitations is two years. Therefore, if you were injured in a car accident, you have up to two years to file a lawsuit against the other driver. It is best to proceed early because the Statute of Limitations forbids you from suing after two years have elapsed.

The time starts counting from the accident date. However, there are exceptions to this time limit. For example, if your child was a minor when the accident happened, the Statute of Limitations would begin when they were 18.

If a government agency caused the accident, the period may be shortened. Again, your lawyer can assist you in determining which deadlines apply to your situation.

Do You Need a Car Accident Lawyer in Georgia?

If you or someone you care about has been involved in a car accident, consider hiring an experienced Smyrna auto accident lawyer. An attorney can assist you with your vehicle accident claim and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Our personal injury lawyer in Smyrna, Georgia, at Jamie Ballard Law, is here to assist you with all legal elements of your case. We understand how Georgia’s liability system works. So contact us today to book your free case evaluation.