How to Maximize Your Car Accident Case Value in Georgia

There is a high probability of you ending up in a crash even after doing everything by the book. Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety reported an estimate of 58,581 in 2017.

To put bread on the table and secure adequate compensation, it is imperative that you hire a skilled auto accident attorney to appropriately determine a correct car accident case value in Georgia. Today, we are here to discuss some of the major ways to get a just and fairly valued payout.

Show up to Appointments and Receive Proper Medical Care

Quality paramedic attention and intensive care should be prioritized after an accident. In case you witness an accident or are a victim of one, immediately contact the designated emergency service providers. Unless you have obtained a thorough medical evaluation along with proof of consistent follow-up appointments, the probability of loss will be substantially minimized.

You are required to document everything regarding the case and your medical treatments to solidify your claim and overhaul the defendant after the accident. Inconsistent medical documentation will provoke insurance companies to blatantly refute the claim or devalue your financial payout.

This is the reason we are suggesting you maintain adequate documentation to be admissible in court.

Gather Evidence and Get Ready to Build a Case

Just like other states in the country, Georgia complies with a fault-based legal system. You must be able to victoriously prove your negligence in the event in order to hold insurance companies and the counterparty. to reimburse you for the losses you have endured.

In a car accident, various sources can play their part in gathering evidence relevant to your claim:

  • Police reports
  • Video footage
  • Images
  • Testimonies from eyewitnesses
  • Statement of the victim
  • Electronic records
  • Expert analysis

It is easier to establish liability of the counterparty where there is more and more evidence in hand. This also helps in undermining the insurers and building a compelling case in front of the jury. You must act swiftly as some form of evidence may get obsolete with the passage of time. You could always consult with a skilled lawyer to interpret any legal jargon or regulatory requirement pertaining to the validity of the evidence and its direct relationship with the case.

Avoid Any Contact with the Insurance Company

The law determines you to be legally entitled to file a suit for a personal injury in case a negligent driver injures you on the road. However, there can always be an out-of-court settlement completely discarding the concept of a trial. It is observed that a small number of cases ever go to trial and a majority of them are settled out of court.

Over the years, a system has been devised by the insurance companies, buying off victims and luring them into early out-of-court settlements in order to avoid trial and extensive payouts. Victims, due to tight financial conditions, easily get twisted into accepting their early payout so that they could keep up with their utilities and medical bills. This helps corporations to minimize their costs and significantly increase profit margins.

Stay Put and Do Not Try to Rush Anything:

There exists a stringent condition under Georgia law known as the statute of limitations. A case filed by the victim will eventually get dismissed after two years have elapsed from the date of impact. Therefore, you should never postpone filing a lawsuit against the culprit. You should seek appropriate legal advice and medical attention to maintain your health and well-being. However, you should still think it through while taking any big step and at the same time, avoid hurrying to conclusions.

Many victimized individuals might just want to put this trauma to bed and continue with their lives. We are fully aware of this fact but insurance companies are extremely good at what they do. They may trick you into accepting their unfair offer by providing you less cash immediately. However, if you stay put and trust the legal process, you will eventually get what you deserve.

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